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Now I'm back.

I have returned! However my silence isn't nearly as dramatic as a cerebrate being killed and then the invasion of Aiur beginning. No, instead I'll be perfectly honest and admit to all that I forgot about this place. XD life has had me on a windmill, and to spare you the gory details, this place was lost in the confusion.

Anyways, I have a laptop now. So I might update a little more often then I did before. Something I hope whoever reads this will find amusing. I'm quite happy with my brand new lappy, which I have named Carbuncle. He's a  Sony Vaio, and he's white. Lol, though on desktop everything is designed around being green and wonderful. XD The keyboard as a numpad, this excites me to no end.

Still writing, I finished Closer and have moved onto a more action orientated sequel entitled Breathe. It doesn't have exactly the same humour due to some things that happened to split up the group, but rest assured that very shortly the awkward situations will return and I'll even throw in a notable dirty joke the readers so loved. I'm on Chapter Nine so far, thats called 'The Deal', it focuses around Fang and her struggle due to recent events.

I got StarCraft II, and omfg its amazing. A real improvement from the first, and it was worth the wait. Still haven't beat the campaign, been fooling around with friends on multiplayer. One of them, Natureswrath, even took the time to teach me how to play zerg well. :3 He's very nice.

Going to Fan Expo soon, I'm excited!!! Gonna look around for some things for friends, cuz I'm kind. Tomorrow before work I'm going to pay off my visa~

Not a long entry, but I'm not one for long entries.


Also saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World (SO AWESOME OMG ) and The Expendables (Tis good)
Alrighty, so maybe a real update now? Wouldn't that be exciting for all... Three people that read this? Yessir! Alrighty, so lets get to it then...

I've been working a lot, and I've set a goal for myself. One I reach $1200, I'm going to buy a laptop. Sony Vaio. Because I ♥ them and they're addicting. I'm almost at my goal actually, I'm just hoping I can remain strong for another two paychecks. A little spending here and there won't hurt, but I can't go and blow all of it. 

Alright so... Things on my 'To Do' list have been completed.


- Clean Room
- Dye Hair Funky Colours
- Get Used to working more
- Save up over 1000 dollars
- Paint Room
- Buy a laptop
- Beat FF13
- Join a gym with mother and sister
- Go back and talk to hot dude
- loss weight, gain muscle

Clean Room: Regn and Ryder helped me clean out my disgusting room. So far so good, it's still clean. I got a new desk and there's a floor and nothing is under my bed. It's quite amazing to not be ashamed of letting friends into my room anymore. :3

Dye Hair: I dyed my hair funky colours. Ginger, Blond, Blue and Black. Only it's already growing out. So now I'm thinking I'll just touch up and go blond for a little while. :3

Working More: I'm actually adapting nicely to working more. Which is good as I can make more money faster.

1000 dollars: My dad's goal. I'm going to save up that much and hand him the transcript that says 1000. =w=

Paint the room: I plan to paint my room white, blue, green, purple and black. It's going to be all funky and what not. It needs to fit me better. (and no Ryder, I'm not keeping the damn kittens...)

Laptop: 8D 1200, I can get my laptop~

Beat FF13: you wouldn't think this would be on the list...

Gym: need to bug my mother more, we need to go and check out that gym. Blarg woman, I thought I was lazy...

Hot dude: Oh lord...

Fit JJ? WUT!?!: Wouldn't that be something to see?

Birthday party soon! Slanted-mohawk is most probably coming! YAY!!

Oh, The final chapter Closer has gotten some funky reviews. o.o;

"What to say? It has been great beta reading for you and even better because I got to proof my favorite story on fanfiction.

I've already told you that I loved the finale, but I'll say it again. Uh. I loved the finale."

- SinisterPurr

"Okay. Whoa. No freaking way. You cannot end it there! I won't let you! I'll sick Fang on you. Come onnn one more chapter! Pleeeaaaseeee!"

- Baby. Capri. 1990

"Holy crap, I believe you are only the second story, fanfic or otherwise, to ever make me cry and I read some pretty depressing stuff... Part of me's pissed off and I wanna beat the crap outta whoever that was, the other part wants to give Fang a hug, cry in the corner, then go beat the crap outta whoever that was. None of the solutions are terribly helpful. It's been a really great story to read, and I hope you continue writing in the future."

- Neku the last reaper

"All in all, I certainly wasn't expecting the last few scenes to go as they did. Brings more questions than answers, ne? x3"

- Zaz9-zaa0


Adored everything up until Lightning went crystal, and even then, the ending fit. I seriously hope this has a sequel.

I have loved every minute/word of this story, thanks so much for sharing!

Love your work!"

- Essence of light

"It's over already? You ended with Lightning turned to crystal and with Hope offered himself so the group can escape. Unless there's going to be a sequel?"

- Johan07

"what? NO! how could- BAH! i refuse to accept this as an ending! you can't end it there! ...you make me weep on the inside. =(

..better than nothing i suppose...."

- setyourselfonfire

"WTH? Is she a fal'cie?

Didn't see that coming, but now I really can't wait for more updates."


"I think my heart just stopped.

I love this story so much, it had the perfect combination of action and romance but then you end it like that. My heart just bleeds.

Though to be honest, I kind of wasn't expecting a happy ending. I mean I love it, even the ending but I feel all kinds of pain and anguish for what happened just happened. Damn, you just gave a total FangxLightning moment and then Lightning turns to crystal and now I just want Fang to Highwind that lady.

Why does it have to end this way? WHY?

...I'm gonna go cry in a corner now."

- Kira-Proxy

... So, I didn't end it on a happy note, if you couldn't tell. >_>

Anyways, my next fic is in the works. It's called "Because I Can Make You Smile".

Here's a little snipet..
~ * ~

How come you never smile?”

Lightning blinked, finding herself completely caught offguard by the sudden outburst from the ginger-haired girl. She was smiling as the sergeant turned back, leaning over ever so slightly with a glimmer in her eyes. Lightning found herself frowning, hand on her hip as she considered her reply.

I smile.”


When it's necessary.”

~ * ~

:3 Hope you all enjoyed the update! I'm toddling off now to do something far less interesting...


Dear Lord in heaven, I forgot.

Well everyone saw this coming, yes livejournal has completely slipped my mind the last month and a bit. I can't really explain why but my life got ten times as busy with the job and my growing life.

So this is my attempt to show you I am not actually dead, in fact I'm quite alive. I have quite an active account on fanfiction.net, with updating my story 'Closer'. It's actually more active then my own TPM account, because RPG on TPM at the moment is quite dead. It's sad to hear but I'll get around to posting and making it active again soonish.

Just not... Now.

Not now because I have work soon and I'm just saying "HEY! I LIVE!"

My birthday is coming up soon. Dunno what movie we're going to see. Robin Hood or Prince of Persia. Blarggg, decisions.

my supposed to be date cancelled on me for the third time now? I give up, honestly. I have no patience for whatever game she's trying to play.

My siste r beat both Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2. So now I can once again pickup FF13 and game my brains out.

Oh. My computer died, you know, the one with all the gaming shit in it? Yeah, then you know what I got? I got picked to be a StarCraft II Beta. Fucking fantastic.

LAST CHAPTER OF CLOSER BEING WRITTEN! Then I picked up a challenge to write a sweet LightxSerah fic. O_o; I'm not sure HOW I'm going to write it, just that the particular challenge was given to me. My friend Purr has complete faith in me, she thinks I can write it with taste. I'm also going to start on a story called "Let's Kill Flemeth'.

Anyone who's played Dragon Age: Origins will know what I'm talking about! ♥

Blarg. I only got 5 hours of sleep and I have to go to work for seven hours. The only thing making me go is the money.

I've decided, I'm saving up for a laptop. But I can only buy my laptop when I reach 1000. This is my personal challenge.

Oh, my hair is funky colours. And my room is clean, THANK YOU REGN AND RYDER FOR THE ASSISTANCE! Now what's left on the list of change...

- Join the gym (My mom and I are gonna check it out)
- Paint my room (Regn offered to help again, she's a dear)
- Save money for laptop

My dad is actually gonna send in my comp to get it fixed. He doesn't want me spending my money fixing it. He's so lovely at times.


Omg, I haven’t updated yet for April? I apologize out there to all my rabid fans. XD All… 3 of you. YUS.


Anyways… Been getting busy with social life (Wut? Life?? NO). Making time to spend with friends while neglecting video games (omg still haven’t beat FF13 WTF).  Hung out with lil Sam and Regn, went to work, hoping to hang out with Ashley tomorrow. Our plans usually fall through though, so I don’t know what’ll happen.

Which reminds me, time for texting!

Regn painted my nails rainbow! X3 tis my way of being out~ I look at them and squee~


Urrr… Been updating Closer a lot. I got more friends, added them to msn. Though one girl made me reinstall Skype.



Err… That’s all? Got HeartGold and the expansion for Dragon Age… Yet to play, need to beat 13.. I need to work on Closer as well. Massaging is coming up, everyone loves a good massage.

Including Lightning.


*toddles off*

Writer's Block: Exit strategy

Have you ever told a member of your family that you wanted them out of your life? If so, why?

Not really, I told one of them if another ruined a friendship of mine over some stupid accident, I would be VERY angry and probably shun the culprit. I don't think I'd ever have the nerve to tell someone in my family I wanted them out of my life. Only if they REALLY REALLY deserved it.

Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

Avatar is the best movie, only because I haven't seen another that in my opinion has beaten it. It's not an amazing movie, but its a good one.

Best song? Um... I don't got one.

I dun read, but theres a fanfic I like called The Benefits of Silence. I think that's pretty good.

Writer's Block: Secret song

What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

I have tons to be honest. A lot of my friends knows about them too. Generally I listen to Disturbed, Three Days Grace and other bands along those lines.. But..

I love disney songs.

I also listen to Kesha, Hedley, old boy bands when the mood strikes, Lady GaGa and others... I don't know why, I just need my hip hop and pop at times. XD

Meant to update yesterday...

Do I have anything important to say!?

Not really, but I feel like talking. And you people who read this (sad, sad people you are...), get to listen.

I finished Evil Forest, the chapter that was giving me so much trouble before. I was worried I got stuck with writer's block.

Closer I'm working on now, hope to get it down by tomorrow. So I can post it and keep working on FFC before I hit my update deadline again.

I gave Kirst her birthday present, a angsty-fluffy-smut thing about Lightning and Snow. She said she loved it, and appreicated me going out of my comfort zone for her. I said I'll continue it, but I don't know when I'll get ideas for it.

In Closer... Lightning has revealed she had a cat. XD Thats grey, clingy and called Kiwi O: Snipet time!

“Oh, a pet… Yes.”

“Really?” Snow sounded amazed. “What’d you have?”

“A cat.”

That wasn’t what he had expected. “I thought you’d have a snake, I could see you buying cute little fluffy things to feed it.”

He really is asking for it at times. Awkward love triangle will commence eventually, if any of you want to read it who don't...


Just a warning though, its a lezzer fic. Meaning its meant for girl x girl.


"Put. The tazer. Down."

Lolz, I ♥ it.

Uhh... What else...

Eventually gonna get HeartGold. So I can relive the wonderful Gold experience I loved so much. :3 Must find DS however.. >.>

underGROUND will be up soon, probably tomorrow today.

Uh... Nothing! :3 Toodles~

Squeenix perfection.

Due to a plan to cosplay as some chick from Final Fantasy, I have a year to get in shape. Lol, not just ordinary shape though, it's Square-Enix perfection shape. Fuck me, I am going to DIE.

Tis just a trick to get me to work harder, if it's for my fav gaming corperation, it seems more worth it then my well-being.

"She needs to sort out her priorities."
- Ron, from Harry Potter

Finished the second chapter of Closer, called it Smile. I like it. Editted it at work cuz of boredom. Not as, I dunno... kissyface as Honey, but amusing. I'm setting it up for awkward Lightning x Snow moments in the future. Not sure where it will go, but I got a sweet image of Light and Fang in some sort of attempt at a bonding moment...
I'll reassure the fans (strange saying that), that it'll continue at least till they rescue Sazh from evil PSICOM.

I've been posting this entry for hours. I completely got distracted by Kirst ¬¬

Lunch tomorrow with Regnface :3

So lets recap the stories on the go~

1) Kingdom Heartless: Chapter XIII. It will move eventually...
2) Final Fantasy Chronicles: Evil Forest. Short chapters make it easy to keep going.
3) Closer: Smile. Technically done the chapter, but I'll keep it going. >_> The mobs after me.
4) Un-named, Un-plotted story with Kirst! I'll get plotting now... Soon... :#

They're all FF/SE related. *dork*

Uh... Anything else? o.o


Kay bye~


Lolz, felt like saying some shiz.

Didn't wear green today... Yesterday... Not sure how fast I can write this so... Eh heh?

Posted Closer on fanfiction.net, got lots of reviews and shiz fast. Apparently Lightning x Fang is something people approved of. I like the story, toyed with the idea of continuing it. I might just until they get Sazh back, so I can play around with a funky love triangle.

Or just make it pure Fang x Lightning, that'd be fun. People say I got both of them in character. Awesome. Here's a snipet from the second chapter...

“Guess what!”

She wasn’t one for guessing.


Vanille pouted. “Aww come on Lightning! We got some good news!”

She looked tentatively at Snow. “He found his brain?”


Doesn't have a title yet, but the characters are amusing me. I did my final editing of Chapter III of Final Fantasy Chronicles. Called it 'Horizon'. It introduces Lightning and Vivi. Soon enough gonna post them.

underGROUND got a lot more sign ups then I imagined. I'm impressed.

My cat is bugging me.. >.>

Picked up my Lightning figure today.

I think I'm halfway through Chapter 9 of XIII. I'm all excited and shiz.

Decided for my room I'm actually gonna go with the white, green, purple and blue idea. It's my living space so what do I care if no one else likes it? It's gonna be funky.

Oh work today... Oh bleh...  Not tired yet. :3

I bought another inking pen, a really thin one. Made me happy.

That's all for now.